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Vitafloor shakes the horse world

Vitafloor ® is an innovative and highly effective, fully automated vibrating floor system that can be fitted directly into an existing stable. The floor provides both notable rehabilitative and physical training to the horse through  stimulation of  blood circulation and muscle activation. Vitafloor is exclusively designed for horses and is based on the long established and highly regarded principle of Whole Body Vibration Therapy originally developed by NASA to help astronauts maintain muscle tone and bone density in space. The concept has also been widely adopted in the human fitness industry in the form of the power plate.

topline-beforetopline-afterThe Vitafloor is used for training, rehabilitation, maintenance and injury prevention.  The system enhances recovery time for various soft tissue, bone and hoof problems and also helps prevent colic. Remarkable results have been reported in a range of suspensory and tendon injuries and riders have found that horses simply move better when receiving regular Vitafloor therapy.

Research has shown evidence that Vitafloor increases bone density, enhances muscle musculature and improves hoof quality.  It is also known to help with joint and muscle soreness resulting in a suppler, looser, stronger and more flexible horse.  Above all, Vitafloor is an all-round therapy that is safe, non-invasive and easy to integrate into the daily training routine of a horse.

Vitafloor VM0 Mobile unit available to hire for trial

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Vitafloor VM0 Mobile

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